booksBnimble began as an ebook publisher dedicated to the proposition that, despite predictions to the contrary, reading is here to stay and books can be anything we want them to be. We believed there were a thousand ways to tell a story and we intended to try at least 999 of them. And then we realized there were also a lot of interesting ways to sell a book. So we founded to help authors market their books. We also noticed a huge need for help with production; so we can now do that too.  Founded by Edgar-winning mystery writer Julie Smith. Ebooks and mysteries are our specialty.

Julie Smith - Founder

Julie Smith is the Edgar award-winning author of twenty-one novels, as many short stories, and a book on writing. She’s a former reporter for the New Orleans Times-Picayune and the San Francisco Chronicle, as well as a veteran of her own online writing school, plus an editorial service she founded with two other writers. She’s also taught writing at the University of New Orleans and in numerous private seminars. During her long career as a novelist, she created four mystery series, including two set in New Orleans, where she lives, featuring homicide detective Skip Langdon and poet/P.I. Talba Wallis. In 1991, she won the prestigious Edgar Allan Poe Award for Best Novel. Counting all the novels, all the stories in all the anthologies, the odd essay, and a progressive novel or so, her publishers include just about every prestigious house in New York– Ballantine, St. Martin’s, Tor, Walker & Company, Knopf, Doubleday, Avon, Harper-Collins, Berkley,Warner, and Oxford University Press– plus some smaller ones, including Akashic Books,  Carrol & Graf, Allen & Unwin, Taplinger, and Four Star. But now she’s all indie all the time—and an outspoken advocate for independent publishing.

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Julie Smith, Founder of BooksBNimble
Mittie Staininger Editorial Director of BooksBNimble

Editorial Director

Mittie Staininger has always made her living from others’ words on a page: first, by performing them on stage, screen, and television. As the single mother of two, she turned to typing and editing them for engineering companies; then, in her incarnation as a middle school English teacher, to marketing them to teenagers. Here she learned the secret to happiness: if you can survive the first six months of teaching middle school, there is nothing you cannot do. So you might as well teach preschool, because, unlike 14-year-olds, 4-year-olds come to school to have fun. No matter how it shows up, the foundation remains: Words on a page (or a screen). Read them, love them, teach others to read them, share them. She holds valid credentials in Georgia and California in secondary and preschool education, and is certified in Primary Montessori education. She is a 200-hr Registered Yoga Alliance teacher. A native of Savannah, Georgia, she and her husband live in California, with a view of Joshua Tree National Park out their east windows. She is delighted her booksBnimble telecommute qualifies her as a virtual resident of New Orleans, the place of many happy visits over the years.