And really, really tired of hearing you need to build a platform using Facebook and Twitter? Which you’ve already done, to little avail? Maybe we can help. (Guaranteed: Absolutely no posting or tweeting involved!)

A year ago we started a boutique marketing service for eligible self-published authors. With stress on the “eligible” part. We felt from our experience as publishers that quality self-published writers with a good series who aren’t making money probably just aren’t visible enough. So we began to take on a few very select clients, one at a time, proceeding very cautiously, to see if we could help them. And you know what happened? We knocked our own socks off! The first time we saw a client with a five-book series break five figures a month we nearly had to check into a hospital. That really happened, and the month that client first came to us, she’d made $14. (A quick disclaimer—this doesn’t happen with everyone, nor does it necessarily last—there’s sometimes a new-girl-in-town boost from sudden visibility. But it can happen, and we’ve seen it more than once!) What we offer is a three-step, mix-and-match program to guarantee you better sales. (Yes, we did say “guarantee”—because we don’t offer the service if we aren’t 100% sure you can do it!) If you’re one of the elite group of authors who can benefit from increasing your visibility, you will benefit from our service.

The steps couldn’t be more simple:
* Amazon optimization—this means we assess and replace your covers, key words copy, and categories if needed.
* A custom-designed program of monthly (often several times monthly) promotions for your series on a carefully curated list of highly targeted websites and newsletters.
* Automated email list building. We can help you grow and maintain your list with a system of tantalizing auto-responders designed to attract targeted readers.

Who can qualify? Self-published authors of genre fiction series—especially mysteries and thrillers—who have great covers and lots of great reviews. Let me repeat—these are the elements needed:

Self-published. (Unless your publisher wants to cooperate with us.)
Genre fiction, preferably mystery or thriller.
A series of three or more books, published digitally. Sorry, we don’t work with print.
Great covers. (Don’t worry—we can help if you need us to.)
Enough four and five-star reviews to appeal to our advertising partner sites.

No worries if you don’t yet have enough books to take advantage of our advertising service. We can help you get there. We can work now on your optimization and email list, to help build the following you need to get the great reviews that will get you featured on the best promo sites—while you spend all your time writing your next bestseller! To learn more, check out or write me at Let me know the name of your series and your name or pseudonym. I’ll research your work and let you know if I think we can help—and if not, what you need to do to qualify. I also love to give advice— whether you become our client or not, no one leaves without a freebie!

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